Saturday, April 9, 2011

CONFIRMED: Better Business Bureau Exposes Robert Zink-EOGD Scam

Most readers are already aware of the extremely serious revelations made by Adepts of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn when they expelled Robert Zink.
Fallen Adept Robert Zink
The most shocking revelation, of course, was Robert Zink's misuse of EOGD websites to harvest credit card numbers for fraudulent use. An uninformed blogger recently suggested that these extremely serious allegations might be mere schismatic "sour grapes" or Golden Dawn "flame war."

In response, former EOGD Adept, Frater F. this week revealed confirmation by the Better Business Bureau of Robert Zink's fraudulent EOGD activities. Here is evidence putting all doubt to rest directly from the Better Business Bureau website:
Better Business Bureau Confirms Fraudulent Activities of Robert Zink's EOGD
"If you or someone you know has been defrauded or abused by Robert Zink or his EOGD scam, you should contact both the Better Business Bureau and the Internet Fraud Unit at your local FBI office."

For those who may not be aware of what has come out about Robert Zink and fraud in recent weeks, here is what a few former EOGD members have revealed in recent weeks. Regarding Robert Zink's fraudulent activities, long term EOGD Adept and Hierophant of its Denver Temple, VH Soror FSO wrote:
[The Adepts of EOGD's Second Order who expelled Robert Zink judged] "He [Robert Zink] was found guilty of using the Order, it's forums, websites and blogs to sell his "programs" to people, then 1.not providing services which were paid for, 2. repeatedly not sending material which were paid for and 3. Countlessly over-charging members whose credit card numbers you obtained for things like trips, clothes, and whatever else suited his fancy...not to mention his overly brazen act of opening a credit card in another members name and then charging $1500 to it..."
VH Soror FSO also wrote:
"Robert Zink was expelled because he was victimizing the students who joined our Order through the illegal activities of theft, credit-card fraud, and inappropriate sexual advances to the female members of the Order." [Note that Robert Zink's "improper sexual advances" once included illegally impregnating the underaged daughter of one EOGD member. Perpetrator Zink later left the victim DESTITUTE today as a single mother after causing her to drop out of high school].
Here is what another EOGD member who turned their back on Robert Zink says:
"Sadly these accusations are all true. I was once in the EOGD with Sideshow Bob and even supported him and wrongly defended him on forums for a while - until I saw how he defrauded people, how he treated people, including his ex wife - in fact if is was not for her he would be nothing. she did ALL the hard work for him with absolutely zero gratitude. He treated her like dirt. He [Robert Zink] conned a woman in Europe out of $30,000 of her life savings and took money from her credit card without permission. I heard the stories from some of his former members about his magical attacks on others using members, like poor, blind "VH Frater DN", Heirophant of the Temple of Isis, who wrote a recent Blog, to do his attacks for him, hoping to keep his hands clean karmically. After I left his order, I heard how he had put his own body fluids into his tinctures and sold them to new neophytes, also spraying the substance into their mouths at one of his events. He denies this. I have one of these tinctures, called "Tincture of Gold" and would be happy to send it to you for analysis. Which address should I send it to? This stuff we know he has done is probably only the tip of the iceberg... There is absolutely no way anyone should trust this man [Robert Zink] again. He should be behind bars. in Light LVX A former EOGD member."
There have been literally hundreds of people who were cheated out of the full benefits of traditional Golden Dawn initiation by Robert Zink's New Age "Astral" initiation scam. Here is what one victim of Robert Zink's New Age fraud schemes has to say:
"I wish to keep my name and email private: I paid for Zinks Miracle Mentoring and only recieved 4 of the 5 sessions. I tried contacting Robert several times to finish our mentoring and he has still never contacted me back. There were also many times where I would call for our appoitment and he would never answer or call me back, what should have taken a month took several months and we still never finished. I was ripped off and will never trust this man again."
Here is what EOGD member, Mary Dunford, says, who finally had enough the fraud perpetrated by Robert Zink:
"Hi, I just saw the post about PDR [Robert Zink] from the EOGD. Long story short... I used to belong to the EOGD and my experience was identical to the guy's on Utube.Unfortunately, they had me turn against my own physical temple that i was a part of as well. i am not part of an order now. i was looking for local temples when i came across this. to be honest, i never liked the cross order bickering, but please let anyone know that i WILL VOUCH FOR THE FACT THAT YOU WERE TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THE EOGD BEING A SCAM. I'll give my phone number on a case by case basis. Yours truly, Mary Dunford (Formerly Soror PIQU)"
What is the Federation without the Prime Directive? 


  1. The EOGD is listed three times (I searched the term "Golden Dawn"), and twice it has a basement rating.

    (I am curious how come Mystic Eye [psychic] is associated with the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn---it shows an "aka" on the search page, but not when you go to the listing. What is up wiht that one?)

  2. Oh great, now I have another idea for a mock MTG card, just what everyone wants to see from me.

  3. @ Morgan

    Strangely I noticed that too. A search for Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn reveals yet another Zink storefront in Fontana, his one time Mystic Eye bookstore. Luckily for owners of this trademark, like myself in Europe and Canada, Zink was forced to change his name to HOMSI before he drove this business into the ground as well and thus was not able to poison the mark..

    This is a prime example of how fraudulent business practices can harm our entire community and not just Zink.

    To a certain extent, this has happened already. Sadly, there are plenty of Pagans, for example, who mistakenly believe that the entire Golden Dawn tradition is nothing but an internet scam.

    I look forward to the new MTG card. "Anonymous Blog" was a hoot!


  4. You have made your choice. You will not know when, who or how but it is coming.
    I am definitely not The Zink but an administer of truth
    Romans 13.
    We live by the Sword and we die by the Sword

  5. @ Bob Zink's "Anonymous" Sock Puppet

    Have you ever considered getting a day job, Bob? The whole "Cryptic Kool-Aid Guru" thing just ain't working for you.


  6. "True terror is waking up one morning and realizing that your high school class is running the country." - Kurt Vonnegut

  7. @ Anonymous

    1 Kings 3:
    23. Then the king(Solomon) said, "The one says, `This is my son who is living, and your son is the dead one'; and the other says, `No! For your son is the dead one, and my son is the living one.' "
    24. The king said, "Get me a sword." So they brought a sword before the king.
    25. The king said, "Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one and half to the other."
    26. Then the woman whose child was the living one spoke to the king, for she was deeply stirred over her son and said, "Oh, my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill him." But the other said, "He shall be neither mine nor yours; divide him!"
    27. Then the king said, "Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him. She is his mother."
    28. When all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had handed down, they feared the king, for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to administer justice.

    and so I know you.

  8. Yes the Mystic Eye was once a bookstore owned by RZ. I can also confirm that truly getting an "F" rating is extremely difficult. I have worked with the BBB before. They will not just give an "F" rating because a business does not reply. They do a thorough investigation of the organization and the complaints before doing so, usually needed more than a few complaints before making this final decision.

    From the BBB website concerning the EOGD
    "We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices."

  9. @ "Anonymous Bob" (Zink)

    Why don't you just give up hiding behind "anonymous" sock puppets on your blogs (like Tommy, Mac, etc.)

    No one in the Golden Dawn community is fooled by "Anonymous Bob."

    Your common talking points, idiosyncratic writing style, and weird use of tags are all dead giveaways that "Anonymous Bob" is you, Robert.

    Now, riddle me this, Batman! Who in the entire Golden Dawn community quotes Bible verses?

    Why, Robert Zink, of course, the man who tried to turn the R.R. et A.C. into a wierd, Roman Catholic parody of the Golden Dawn's Inner Order.

    I hate to break the news to you, Bob, but the Golden Dawn ain't a Christian order and I'm not Christian either. You could just as well quote the slogans off of the back of a Cheerios box and get the same effect.

    In fact, as a Pagan, not only do I find your Biblical threats utterly ridiculous, but even more so the Roman Catholic Christian direction you have perverted the EOGD's Second Order into.

    I wonder how many of the New Age folks you keep trying desperately to recruit realize that EOGD has a ROMAN CATHOLIC Second Order? I mean, all of the Virgin Mary statues on your "Isis" videos ought to have been a dead giveaway, right!?!?

    One wonders why you bother to call your Los Angeles temple, "Isis" to begin with. In reality, it would be more far more honest for you to call it the "Virgin Mary" temple, especially considering your silly arguments about sexuality in the Golden Dawn.

    Have you not yet figured out that the New Age market you are so desperate to capture is mostly PAGAN?!?!?! Keep reciting Bible verses for us Bob. We Pagans are watching!

    David Griffin

  10. Hey Bob,

    What is an "administer of truth"? You could really use some remedial grammar classes bro!

    In response to Morgan's question, the "Mystic Eye" was a shop that Robert Zink opened (with someone else's money of course) with a few of the long gone "old timers" when the EOGD was still the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Int'l. It had been the "Eternal Golden Dawn" in the recent past at that time. It was opened with a $20,000 divorce settlement that belonged to one of his 4=7's who lived in the Fontana house. In fact, she was the mother of his child bride. He promised her, and the rest of the inner order, that the shop would make the order self supporting and make her "rich beyond her wildest dreams". Guess I don't have to elaborate about how it made her and others "in debt beyond their wildest dreams" instead; we all know Robert's stellar relationship with money by now right? He was "Mr. Needy Poverty Mentality" even back then in 1993. He always implied that poverty was part of what motivated people toward spirituality. The only reason poverty was ever part of spirituality in that order was because we all signed our paychecks over to him every pay day. He was nice enough to give us allowances for "bus money" each week. Some of us had to do things like steal lunch money from the mystic eye's till because we worked there 12 hours a day for free and got hungry somewhere along the line. A couple of us needed it to buy some meth to stay awake all night typing grade material for Robert after store hours too. (Yes that really happened, the whole order house got a bit strung out and ended up in collective meltdown for a few days over that...).

    It did have some nice books, some of Robert's "specially tincted" oils (that's when I first found out about Robert's "secret ingredient" in them), and a few of those "Anna Riva" candle-and-crystal spell kits. Other than the oils, that part was ok, no harm done there. What was insidious was the fact that the Mystic Eye was also Robert's self-described "Grape-Shop". "Graping" was a new term that I learned in the HOGDI/HOMSI/EOGD from Robert himself. What it meant was that all of the customers who walked in that shop had full wallets (it was the 90's after all) that were "Grapes" ripe for the picking. Most of the inner order had to work in shifts in the back as tarot readers. As reader/advisors, we were all supposed to predict something dire in someone's life and then recommend expensive items and/or services from the shop to "fix" the problem that we helped them create. Lose your job? Your relationship? No problem, we would do magic and fix that for just $500.00! Of course it was $500.00 more to really pull out the big guns when the first spell didn't work, and so on until the customer either ran out of money, got mad, or both. Most of them were lucky if we actually did any magic or ritual for them at all. Occasionally one of us would go out back and burn a few candles for someone, that was about it for your $500.00. In one instance we charged a poor divorcee $1000.00 to get him back together with his wife. His "ritual" consisted of getting a picture of his ex-wife that he provided, dressing him up in a wedding suit and holding a mock wedding ceremony between him and the picture! As you might guess, he left the Mystic Eye more messed up than he was when he came.

    In the end, the store closed with a lot of outstand bills that were never paid, and Robert took $8000.00 cash that came from liquidating the left over merchandise and took off for Seattle in the middle of the night. Anyone surprised?

    Insane (or stupid) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!

  11. Funny thing about Robert and his "Roman Catholic" order: I wonder what the pope would think about all of the abortions he was party to? I know of at least 6. He once sent one of his adepts down to Tijuana for some "generic" RU-486 pills. It would have been closer and cheaper to just go around the corner to the convience store for comdoms Bob--but that's not your style is it? I'm still not sure which outer order member that was for, bet Bobby won't tell either. I'm not sure the pope approves of theft, vandalism or lying either.

  12. Robert Zink is throwing a dare out there in front of the community because he feels like he needs to resurrect old enemies to marshal his new troops to before they realize what a doofus he really is. This one showed up on his "Golden Dawn Forum" today, I wish someone would accommodate his wishes:

    X-eGroups-Approved-By: zanoni49 via web; 11 Jul 2011 14:10:49 -0000

    Friends in Light,

    Recently there have have been some wild eyed accusations against me. I urg=
    e those who make some wild claims to contact legal authorities. They never=
    do, because they have no balls. They have no case either. They hide behi=
    nd their blogs and lies which any half wit can make on the internet.=20=20

    Get real. I legally own the name and the current of the EOGD. I think it is=
    time that if someone make a claim in the GD community, that they prove the=
    ir claim in court.

    G.H. Frater P.D.R.

    In the light of Truth.

  13. He's still at it. I just made an IC3 report today because, through his fake EOGD website (he has been expelled from this order) he conned me out of a year's membership and the associated correspondence course.

    Mr. Zink ... you are a victim of megalomania. This is one of the side effects we are supposed to avoid. Sorry that you are so weak that you could not.

    In LVX

    Soror DI