Thursday, November 12, 2009

Genesis of a Golden Dawn Magus

Before the Golden Dawn - for me - there was MAGICK.

I can still remember my first faltering steps down the magickal path as a youth.

The derth of symbol of my Baptist childhood yielded to the Pentacostal passion for social rules - until the bow broke on the ship my parents had set adrift over the seas of my soul.

I can still remember at sixteen seeking to fill the metaphysical void left by the vacuousness of my religious upbringing.

I remember, for example, checking out every book in the public library on hypnosis and devoting endless hours to hypnotising and reprogramming myself.

My awakening to authentic spirituality came on the heels of the sixties, the Haight Ashbury, and the Summer of Love. Thus - as a young man in the Army - I discovered both the Beatles and LSD.

The psychedelic shamanism of my twenties catapulted me into a world of magic - with the tip of the arrow pointing towards my future mission as a Magus - a mission that began one fateful night atop the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

This was the night I consecrated my magic wand - and the Spirit of the Magus I was to one day become descended from on high - informing my Ego with new purpose and direction.

From my first spiritual awakening as a young man - through my first full enlightenment under the light of a total Solar eclipse - when I realized that beyond my Ego I am everyone and everything - the center of a Universe which has no circumference and in which every point is the center - which is God.

There has been one leitmotiv that has guided and shaped my entire spiritual quest and development - the notion that sense of self - my ego and day to day sense of identity - is just a tiny part of who I truly am...

...And that if I could only make myself and my body a pure and worthy vessel for the Divine Solar Genius that lies beyond my ego - that I might even here on Earth come to fully embody the Solar essence of who - like you - I truly am.

This blog is the story of my personal spiritual adventure - unique - yet echoed in the spiritual awakening of countless Brothers and Sisters across our planet at the beginning of this new Millennium and the beginning age of Aquarius.

David Griffin
Magus, 9=2
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
outer order of the
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega


  1. Care GH Frater,

    thanks for sharing your experience. Very inspiring!


  2. David
    A new octahedron is forming from the ascending and descending pyramids of consciousness. It has been nearly 18 years since our energies were connected does it feel right for you to reconnect?
    Solaris No Manu Ra
    I live in Asheville NC take care
    ken macfarlane